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At GDS Consulting, you get complete IT support for a fraction of the cost setting up a dedicated IT department. We specialise on day to day IT Support for Small to Medium Sized Businesses. We provide customised SLA support agreements with priority support. Reliable and dependent IT Solutions has always been the headache for businesses, and this is why we are here to partner with you to ease the burden.

The team at GDS Consulting are specialists in providing end to end IT Infrastructure solutions to our valued customers. Today’s businesses are dependent on efficient and reliable IT solutions for their day to day operations without interruption. As businesses and users are becoming more mobile friendly, companies setting up virtual offices and employees being allowed to work from any location of their choice, it means, services and systems should always be accessible and IT services should be able to match these needs with security also in mind. There are many services out there that provide similar solutions but which of these is more efficient in solving your specific problems? which of them is cost efficient helping the business to spend less? This is why you need a reliable IT Solution Partner that understands the industry and can deliver the right IT infrastructure whilst you concentrate in doing what you do best – i.e., running your business and generating revenue.

GDS Consulting can also become your go-to contact center for your IT related issues and by partnering with GDS Consulting, we automatically becomes your IT department or perhaps you only want to outsource specific responsibility such as advanced technical support, infrastructure monitoring or other specific areas of your IT services and we are happy to accommodate all these specific needs.

System Administration

Total management and maintenance of your Servers, Operation Systems, patch management, database server and application servers

24/7 IT Support Services

Our IT support services team will fully support and monitor your network 24/7/365 including desktops, servers, cloud infrastructure, and backups ensuring your business operates at its maximum capability smoothly and securely.

System Design, Deployment & Support

In IT, there is nothing like one size fits all. We make sure we understand your specific needs and we do find the right custom fit to your specific business needs and goals. These range from hardware upgrades, IT Support and Maintenance, finding the right software development partners for you.

IT Security

From protecting end user devices, servers and network, you are fully covered with our trusted security partners. All your endpoints and firewalls are centrally managed allowing for synchronized security. Other security solutions include intrusion detection monitoring, VPNs and more.

Other GDS Consulting Managed Services Benefits include

  • Our experienced IT Engineers will monitor your network, servers and applications ensuring there is maximum uptime. Our monitoring system will notify our engineers of any system failure and they’ll proactively attend to the issue ensuring downtime is minimized.
  • Your employees will receive fast and secure remote technical assistance. With our advanced support helpdesk ticketing system, we will proactively attend to all support issues ensuring faster resolutions of problems and also allowing your employees track and rate the support they received.

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